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Sunday, October 21, 2007


i've been looking through boxes, trying to throw stuff away and also collecting items for a yard sale, which hopefully will happen next weekend.


i came across 3 bar napkins, of the ones i use to write on when i frequented a favorite hangout, during my stay in 'bama. when i was hanging out with my friend and we were discussing certain issues, i took notes to remember details. also did drawings and wrote poetry on the bar napkins when i was by myself, to calm my nerves - since i don't do well in places where there are lots of people. i can't believe i missed these. i wonder if there are others that are yet to be found?

its been a couple of blah, general & specific malaise days (hey that rhymed!)

- one napkin has notes about an exhibition that was being planned at that time.
- second napkin has a list of supplies which were to be purchased for the renovation of graduate studios - i took notes while the list was dictated. that was my role sometimes and i played it well.
- third napkin has a couple of birthdays, the brand name of a favored pizza, and the name of a queen album (which i soon after purchased as a surprise to the dictator (of course, dictator as in person who dictates, not a person who exercises absolute power, lol).

fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round? we'll see about that

why am i sharing this? don't know...probably because i know this is read by VERY few people and somehow the possibility of someone relevant to the circumstances reading it is enticing.

anyway, i have used some of the napkins already in about 5-6 pieces and the rest are kept in a portfolio for future use and/or reference.

i actually have a pretty good account of that time, through notes, drawings, journal/diary entries- just to remind myself that it actually happened and just in case anyone questions the details of events at the time, i have some record of it.

i sometimes have trouble recollecting things from my past, which is convenient for my sanity, but frustrating for my peace of mind.

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