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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

yesterday i started the fifth "fat girl" drawing. didn't finish it though, because i was distracted by another "series" i have going on.

this one is about the reproductive system - mine in particular. 4 years ago i had 2 ultrasounds because of extremely painful menstruation.

anyway, these ultrasounds revealed a cyst on my right ovary, which is probably no big deal. but every once in a while it gets me thinking about how good the equipment is working, you know?

well the point is that i started these organic innerscapes, which reflect/focus on the reproductive system. i've been thinking a lot about the fact that i may never have children and what that all means.

is it a good thing? probably
could it be a bad thing? according to my mother, of course!

so suffice it to say, its been on my mind, because regardless of whether i want them or not, i feel that time is running out to make that decision for myself. that stupid clock does tick...i never believed that nonsense, but its become a reality for me and it pisses me off.

so how do i deal with things in my life? i make art about them and somehow it gets resolved...first in the artwork, then eventually in my life.

here are a couple that i've done so far...sorry for the quality of the pictures. i'll be taking better ones soon, with better light. also don't have a title yet, gotta think about that a little bit more.

"ovary/uterus 1" - ink on wood, 16"x8"

"ovary/uterus 2" - diptych -2, 5"x7", ink/watercolor on canvas
- this one is not finished yet, but I wanted to show you that i really am working!!!


Amie said...

I love ovary/uterus #2 which somewhat disturbs me because it's your ovary and uterus. And I feel strange saying it's beautiful

Ana said...

Lol, its ok to love my ovary and uterus....hell, someone's got to.

i finished it, but haven't taken photos, maybe i'll do that tomorrow.