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Saturday, November 3, 2007

new poem - 11-2-07

"Guillermo's Ballad"

with tufts of golden yellow

musing in a darkened room
filled with strangers.

he placed words of substance
upon a disposable linen
intended for elixir impressions.

thoughts emerged amid chaos,
and now lyrical reflections
on the velutinous plane.

this poem was inspired by a very charming and dare i say "cute" young man named Guillermo. i met him while out with my niece (who is visiting for a few days) at a local pub. yes she's 21.
he caught my attention because he was sitting by himself, having a drink and writing a poem on a bar napkin! i had never seen anyone else do that (other than myself and my friend in 'bama) so it caught my eye and of course i had to say something to him - interrupting his muse - although he didn't seem to mind too much. we chatted very briefly, but his golden curls lingered in my brain long enough to let me write this poem.
~he really was quite adorable~

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