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Sunday, December 23, 2007

crap in my head

because i haven't enough problems in my life, i decided to put a profile in another one of those dating sites
again. no... i don't know why and i don't know why i do this to myself. its just curiosity really. you've heard of those famous "fish in the sea"? well i'm just trying to see if any of the fish will bite. but then again, a virtual bite does nothing for its a complete waste of time and energy. i do suppose its good to know that there are other lost souls out there wanting some attention - well, maybe they don't think they're lost (how presumptuous of me).

i wonder if they put their information in those sites to really find someone or if they're just curious like i am. i love reading how people describe themselves and who they're looking for. sometimes its hilarious, sometimes endearing and heart warming and sometimes they're downright terrifying.

i guess men are different.
ugh...of course they're different.
i meant to say for men its different.
perhaps they put themselves "out there" in the virtual world, because if someone
does communicate, maybe there's that slight chance they'll meet them for coffee and then oh, i don't know...get laid?
isn't that what makes their world go round?
i meant the sex not the coffee.
yes, i know there's more to men (some) and i know there are good men "out there"
where "there" is, i have no idea...

i'm digressing, aren't ii.

ugh, what am i saying?

i'm rambling , so don't mind me at all.
i just thought i'd let you in, on the crap that's running through my head 24/7.

oh, don't get me wrong, the topics do vary.

anything from:

"i'm so fat"
"i wish the world would implode"
"when the hell am i gonna find that job"
"why didn't i just call in sick that day"
"when am i gonna finish that painting"
"when am i gonna start writing that book"
"FILL IN THE BLANK" - you name it, i'm thinking about it or dreaming about it - it doesn't shut UP!!!

and any million other categories you could think of too, its not always about me.
this is why i don't watch the news anymore ~ i don't need extra information.

Atlas? ha!
you've got nothing on me, sir.

so yeah, i put my profile on a dating site.

one day i'll actually let you in on the mental process that happens when i get responses of interested parties- now THAT's entertaining!
self deprecation at its best baby
yes, i am the queen of self-sabotage, my friends, the frickin' queen.

ok, that should be enough torture for you.

ta ta.

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