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Friday, December 28, 2007

E-Card Fraud Alert - a message from

Its become more common than not, to send and receive e-cards. But there are bad, mean, ugly people out there that conjure up viruses - some probably for the hell of it, but most to steal the from those who are less-than-knowledgeable about the proper protection.

This information is important to read, so that you don't end up messing up your computer or someone else's.

Also, I would add to use some common sense. You NEVER open a file/attachment in an email, unless you were expecting it and its from a known source. E-cards never come as attachments, but rather as a link and they never require you to put in a user name or password, etc. And just in case those mean, ugly people get smarter and start putting viruses through links, you might want to contact the person it says its from and ask them if they sent you a card.

This is what happens when we rely so much on technology.

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