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Monday, December 24, 2007


That's it......I quit!!

And here's a couple of inspiring reasons:

- Swan Bones Theatre - The Art of KellyLouise Judd
- Sarah Blank Studios

how beautiful and exquisite these works are.

i'm not afraid to admit that i'm so jealous!
and mostly angry at myself for not being able to work.
its so frustrating and i hate myself right now.
this is why i try not to look at other artists work, but i can't help it.
how can you not look at something beautiful? you simply can't.

every time i look at artists that are prolific and loving their lives, it just makes me sick that i can't say the same for myself.

i'm frustrated by my inability to better my situation.
i feel impotent and inadequate right now, and that i've failed at everything i have ever attempted and its overwhelming....


oh yeah, Merry Christmas, lol

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