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Thursday, December 6, 2007

updates and stuff


- i know i haven't been writing. its been tough.
when its like this, i can't write...or do much of anything. and i honestly hate writing about the depression. its repetitive and really annoying...we know i'm depressed, so why the hell keep mentioning it, you know?
- i don't know if anyone's noticed, but i've changed the name of the blog several times. i'm still not satisfied with it. i've come to realize that the blog is like an art project. might as well call it that, since the real stuff is few and far between right now. so i wanted the title to reflect that, but can't quite figure out what to call it, without sounding pretentious or artsy-fartsy.


sorry to say that Miki (the blue betta) died on Tuesday...buried him in the garden close to Beni.


the fat girl series is in progress, although admittedly not much "progress" has been made recently...but i know they'll all get done.
i am almost finished with another house plan i started last week...part of the "closure" series - oh, i haven't mentioned that series, have i? the "closure" series is one that probably will never be seen by anyone, unless i get really healthy...emotionally-speaking and learn not to care what anyone thinks.
yeah, quite a few plates on the burner, or dishes in the sink or however the hell you say it.
so what? art is on my brain 24/7....and sometimes that just "has to do".

i've been having vivid dreams again. seems like the less sleep i get or the more restless the night is, the more i dream or remember my dreams.
have had 3 where i've bought a house in tuscaloosa, with a wickedly awesome studio- yes, my brain is messed up.
i had another one where i was giving a presentation at a caa conference and there were familiar faces in the audience, who came up to me afterward to complement me on my "brilliance", etc. (yeah, what are the chances of any of that happening? i'll tell you - zero)

these dreams leave me longing for the constant nightmares i used to have. somehow being chased by a knife-yielding maniac and running through dark corridors sounds better than false hopes of the "ideal" studio in tuscaloosa.

well, i'm sure there's more, but i'll leave it for another day.

have a good one.

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writerwoman said...

Wishing you brighter days in the future.