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Sunday, December 23, 2007

cake / crap in my head, II

yes, i realize that i'm extra "typey" today, but i forgot to mention that i baked a cake and its pretty damned tasty. nothing special or out of the ordinary. just a vanilla cake with creme cheese frosting, topped with chopped walnuts...

i should take a picture, shouldn't i? hold on

sorry, its kind of blurry and obviously someone got to the cake before the camera did...

i did kind of cheat with the cake part (i used boxed cake mix, i did add sour creme to the listed ingredients), but i made the frosting from scratch! and i'll be damned if it wasn't as sweet as......well, sugar (duh).

i've also been cooking a lot lately (mostly from necessity, since its getting harder for my mom to do much, so i'm doing it for her).

i'm getting better at the "domestic stuff" and it terrifies me (anyone else feel that? you know...when you find yourself humming when doing the dishes or when sweeping the floor or when cooking - i use to struggle to do that mundane household stuff. now its getting easier and it scares the shit out of me. it's actually crossed my mind (a lot) lately that i would make a good housewife.

what the hell?!? i wonder if that's why i posted a profile on the dating site (goodness gracious its becoming clear)

i seriously need to focus on my art
i can't, because that would be selfish right now, right?
when do i get to live my life?
see what i mean? it never ends....

i guess the above should have been included in the "crap in my head" post - oh well.


i've also been looking at several "artist / artsy" blogs (design sponge, the wish jar, love forever, one pic a day)

i must say that i'm embarassed (yes, again) to call myself an artist right now.

but damn it, its what i am!
can't artists go on sabbatical????

ok no.



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