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Thursday, January 17, 2008

daily drawing, #1

i want to participate in what seems to be an ever-growing trend of artists doing a "painting a day" or "drawing a day". they're small, occasionally complex (depending on the artist), but usually simple drawings or paintings that are done on a daily basis to keep the creative juices flowing or the wheels oiled, so to speak
(wait, that would be gears oiled. wheels don't get oiled, do they?)


every time i see sites featuring artists who do this, i get so jealous.
"I want to do that too!!!" -
but i have not had the fortitude.

whatever makes me think that i can keep this up is beyond my understanding at the moment. but i've decided to indulge myself in whatever i can, as long as its legal and not too life-threatening. why deprive myself of any positive thought, even if its a fleeting one, right?

ok so, i've always known that many of the books that i've kept for years and years (filling or more accurately overflowing 2-3 bookshelves, etc) were eventually going to end up in my work, or being worked on or in...for i would NEVER (or rarely ever) throw away a book, even a crappy one. i love books, i love me a nerd, don't care.
hey, if our civilization has any opportunity to survive it will be because of a book, mark my words.

-which book, you ask? i don't know, what am i psychic?

anyway #2...

for this latest project of mine, i've chosen the book titled "think yourself thin".

yes, i too think its a great choice, thank you.
-have i read it, you ask? well, from the first few highlighted pages, it seems that i started to read it, but i (and my scale) have a feeling that i didn't quite finish it...

here is the first piece and if all goes well, there should be another one, then another one, etc. (lets give it a deadline of a year, shall we?)

© "#1: sabotage"
(5.5"x8", pen & watercolor on book page, 2008)

(oh, for the titles, i will choose a word or words, that stand out from the page after the piece is finished).

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