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Sunday, January 6, 2008

every fall there is a wonderful scene of all the birds that migrate to the south.
well, i think its wonderful.
i'm sure that people who park under a tree where the birds hang out, have differing opinions.

i don't usually paint or draw animals...but recently i've been thinking about these birds and observing them outside my window. whenever there is a puddle they just go crazy, bathing and drinking and playing. i can literally watch them for hours.

last year i had taken a few little video clips of them. i had wanted to add some music to it before i posted it, but you can watch it with apocalyptica playing metallica, in the background..

yesterday i started a few digital paintings, using as a reference, the photos of the birds (on telephone wires/cables) i've taken within the last couple of weeks.

i don't think i'm alone in envying birds ability to fly.
i certainly wish i had that freedom to go wherever i want, to fly and go far away....
anyway, i think that's what has prompted these simple little pieces.

i hope you enjoy the first 3, that i've done so far.
i REALLY like these.
they're so different from what i usually do.
they're mysterious and with a very simplified palette.


© "steel away, 1" 2008

© "steel away, 2" 2008

© "steel away, 3" 2008

hey, i just realized that these are the first pieces of 2008...pretty cool.

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