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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a few things

i went to bed at around 3:30 am last night (well actually, this morning). just love watching those Twilight Zone marathons. i kept waiting for a couple of my favorites, but i think i might have missed them. needless to say, i had nightmares and woke up a bit nervous. it took the better part of the day for the jitters to go away, but then again the neighbors barking dogs didn't help me with that.

i was doing some research online and found out that there are other "ana blogs". now of course, i realized that there could be other "ana's" that would have their own blogs. what i did NOT expect, however was to find out that there are people out there who are encouraging and celebrating anorexia and that an "ana blog" is a blog that is pro-anorexia, aka pro-ana. ok, i cannot begin to explain my reaction to all this. an ana blog is a blog that is pro anorexia? Jeez, Louise there are just so many things wrong with that, i don't have enough time to go into it. so now, on top of everything else, i'm gonna have to come up with another name for my blog.
for the love of pete!

anyway, i took some photos today of my balcony, after watering the plants. the layout and plants have changed since the last photos from a few months ago.

left side. i need to put something on the shelves, don't know what yet.

right side. i've tried to create a little privacy area, but i need to put another tall plant to the right of the chair. must go plant shopping!

my baby bougainvillea (its white and pink!) and my aloe, which is actually one of the many "babies" from the original aloe i brought back with me from alabama.

when i bought this succulent it was flowering like this. then the flowers dried up and i thought it would never bloom again, then just about a couple of weeks ago (or so) it started blooming, and now its purty again.

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