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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Primary & the Orphanage

i did my civic duty and went to vote early this morning.

the guy that put the sticker on me was ogling my cleavage. i should take it as a compliment, as its the only ogling i've received in a hell of a long time.

well, i guess that's a good beginning to the week. at least he was kind of attractive and had purty blue eyes.

anyway... last week i went to see "the orphanage". its a really good movie, beautiful cinematography, great acting and engrossing story.

its a ghost story that doesn't use the typical scare tactics you see in most movies of this genre. its intelligent and definitely has its frights and surprises, but they make sense and aren't always predictable. it has a slower pace that lets the story sink in and allows your mind to stir, trying to figure out what will happen next. but the wait is worth the surprise when it gets there.

i definitely recommend it.

i think many people are avoiding this film because its in spanish, but the subtitles are accurate and i don't think detract from the essence of the film. don't miss out on this one, its pretty darned good.

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