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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

have you ever felt invisible?

happens to me all the time.

i can usually not be affected by it, but sometimes the blatant disregard is so palpable that it hurts in the deepest part of me.

i hate that feeling...
how someone can look right through you as if you weren't there.
quite amazing how that can happen, when you consider the logistics it would take to accomplish that....

even worse is when you sense that they know you're there, but they pretend you're not.


this girl isn't necessarily part of the "fat girl" series, because she has a different look and purpose and is even more illustrative than the others....but she's a fat girl nonetheless, so i suppose she can hang out and be included in the club. the more the merrier, i say.

© "invisible fat girl", 2008

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