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Monday, January 7, 2008

thought i'd post the 4th bird piece before heading off to bed. i just finished it a few minutes ago....couldn't leave it unfinished, so here it is.

ok, can i say this again - i'm really liking these.
i think i've avoided the whole "bird" thing, because i know several artists that use them as a reference for their body of work. i have issues with doing something that i know has been done before - especially if i know the artist personally.
i tend to believe that i should be able to have an original thought and artwork that goes along with it.

look, i know that its absolutely ridiculous, but what do you expect from me? besides, its kinda late and i'm probably just rambling anyway.

so here is bird #4.

i think i'll work on some genitalia tomorrow, lol... yeah, i'm definitely tired.

night night

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