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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

handmade stuff & etsy

OK, so its been a few days.

i've gotten into a new "project" that has kept me (while i'm working on it) in a more pleasant mood.

what's this project? i'm making prints and baby toys to put together several gift sets for newborns, etc.

no, i'm not pregnant.
i don't intend to get pregnant.

so, where did this come from then?
well, the simplified explanation is that a friend/former co-worker had a baby on jan. 19th. and i wanted to send her a personalized gift. the stuff i found online was somewhat expensive, so i figured i'd try to make something for her. i knew that she has a noah's ark-like theme, with animals
, etc. and i looked at the registry and noticed a set that had a giraffe, so i decided to do something with a giraffe.
i bought a pack of onesies and using corel, created a design for a print. then using the same design, printed it on iron transfer paper and transfered the image to the onesies, THEN i decided that i would make a cute hand, since i had not figured out how to use the Singer I had gotten my mom for her birthday, july of last year (yes, it was still in the box as of a week ago).

mind you, ever since i was a little girl i've "sewn" clothes for my dolls, particularly my barbies. and later on in my artwork, i started to include stitching and handsewn papers, crocheting, etc. but i admit that my sewing skills leave MUCH to be desired, but i figured its the "thought that counts", so i went ahead and created the pink giraffe.

creating these items was so much fun, its ridiculous. she sent me a great thank you note, so i think she liked it, even though there were some flaws. here is a photo of the set i made for "alice winter" (a beautiful name for an adorable baby)

- here is the whole set. you'll notice the print has a black mat. the more i looked at it, i realized it wasn't appropriate for a baby's room, so i changed it to a white mat, below.

ready to go to alice.

[i printed the flowers from the design, onto sticker paper and cut them out, so that the design spilled to the mat and made it even girlier]

awww, this is alice's giraffe - struggling to stay on her long legs.

[ i'll be naming the little handmade animals - as many artists on etsy do - cute idea which i'm borrowing ;) - so from now on any other pink giraffe's will be called alice, in honor of the little girl who inspired me - i hope my friend doesn't mind...maybe i should ask her first? lol]

anyway, that was about 3 weeks ago and its been on my mind ever since, so i went to a store and bought some onesies, that already had a design on them and got some other accessories (washcloths, bottles, etc.) because i thought people might be willing to buy a cute gift set that could be personalized. i haven't completely worked out the logistics, but i do know that i will be creating several "gift sets" and will be putting them on etsy - a "place to buy and sell all things handmade" (the most "wonderfullest" website i've seen in a while- i've spent hours upon hours looking through it and drooling).

i also have planned lots of other handmade items (decorative, toys, etc.) for babies/nurseries/kids, as well as from my own personal body of work (on a smaller scale) and handmade dolls, etc. for adults. i'll let you know when my shop on etsy is ready to go. it might be 2-3 weeks yet, but its what i've been working on and i must admit i'm excited about it.

this is the first thing that's gotten me looking forward to something good in a long time.

its wonderful to know that artists have that venue for selling their work/handmade items, especially for people like me who can't get a gallery to even blink my way. (then again, why would i want to give 50% of my money to a gallery???) Etsy is the way to go, for me, for now (hopefully it works - keep your fingers crossed!).

so far, i have a "ladybug" set, a "bumblebee" set and i'm now working on a butterfly.

here are a couple of pics:

this is a closeup of "Leslie" the ladybug (who i admit, i'm madly in love with)

here's Leslie on the onesie...too cute.

i've tried to incorporate the color of the onesie in the print design and toy/rattle. (oh yes, they have bells inside! ugh, i love this)

here's "Berne"(pronounced burnee) the bumble bee
[ he's a tough little guy, as he's the first i made with the sewing machine. lets just say that he's got lots of character and battle scars, lol. Berne means "bold as a bear"]

here is Berne on the onesie

i will also be doing custom-made orders. if anyone is interested, leave a comment here with what you'd like and i will contact you with details. i can work around any theme or color scheme you have. the design for the print and hand-sewn toy/rattle takes 2-3 days and can be shipped after receipt of payment.

i will be taking payments through paypal only, in the beginning, until i see how things work out.

that's all for now.

[all images and patterns are copyright protected by Ana]

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I LOVE the baby stuff! It is beautiful!