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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

etsy stuff, part II

oh my goodness.

i've been so busy and lovin' every second of it.

i've never been more excited (or at least not in a loooooooooong time!)

aside from the necessary obligations i have in my life, i've been spending every minute making things to put in my etsy shop (which i think i'm going to open in a couple of days - sooner than my original plan) or reading up on tips for setting it up, etc.

i'm still figuring out some things that need to be done, since i want to be organized so i don't get overwhelmed with last minute details. its a LOT of work, if you want to have a nice-enough shop. and i'm sure i'm going to be missing some things, but at least i have a decent banner (til i can make another one that is more creative) for now.

my shop name: an'a'mano(©) is a compilation (derivation?) of my name (ana) and "by hand" in spanish (a mano) - i seriously had almost a gazillion other combination of names and phrases, etc. and this one was the one i was semi-satisfied with. actually, the more i see it the more it grows on me .

i've created an excel log so that i can keep track of expenses, customers, inventory, etc (its pretty detailed and took me forever!)

my shop will have an eclectic mix of things. i just canNOT limit myself to just one or two types of items. i want to make EVERYTHING!! i have so many ideas in my head, that i can barely sleep , 'cause they're buzzing around my head, trying to get my attention. i just can't censor that, i need to make it all. besides, isn't variety the spice of life? my shop will have (hopefully) a lil something for everyone.

here are a few sneak peaks of some of the items, so far.

magnet samples:

(pen, liquid acrylic on wood)

(pen, marker, liquid acrylic on wood)

(pen, marker, liquid acrylic on wood)

plush (for baby gift set):

"BEATRICE the butterfly"

[The meaning of the name Beatrice is Bringer Of Joy

The origin of the name Beatrice is French]

plushies / dolls:

"ALARIC, the alien"

[The name Alaric means Noble Ruler, Elf Ruler. Its origin is German. Alaric was the last
king of the Goths who overthrew Rome.]

handmade boxes:

pink hearts, set of 3

so MUCH to do!!! gotta get back to work!!

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