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Sunday, February 3, 2008

its still "totally 80's" weekend and its totally narly.

anyway, i finally uploaded all the daily drawings....i ran a little behind on that.
check it out here.
this week has been hands and yes, my hands look like baseball mitts.
what?? its true. they're gigantic!
its ok, i've come to gargantuan grips with it (the way i see it, if i'm ever in a money grabbing booth, i'll be rich!)

yesterday i spent hours looking at some amazingly talented female artists websites.
(girls rock!)
i had tears in my eyes and felt terribly if only i had a wall to paint on, so maybe i can inspire someone else!

here they are, enjoy:

- Kristen Ferrell
- Jennybird Alcantara
- Angie Mason
- Mia Mäkilä
- Helen Beard
- Jane Wynn

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