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Monday, March 10, 2008

a couple of days ago i sent an evite to a group of people (friends, former co-workers, former classmates, etc.) to let them know about my shop on etsy and now i'm feeling a little weird about it.

i just hate bugging people, you know? i hesitated and actually waited almost a week to do it, but some of the suggestions from the etsy folks is that you HAVE to promote your shop or no one will see it (there are thousands of shops there).

its just that i've always found people who promote themselves, artwork, etc. as somewhat annoying (probably because of all the "fine art is high and mighty", "artists don't sell themselves", mumbo jumbo you learn in art "school"). Now i've no choice but to become one of "those" people and im having a hard time with it.

i don't want anyone to think that they are obligated to buy something or to even take a look at it, simply because they know me.

ugh...maybe its just me and no know feels "obligated" to do anything.

my "issues" are larger than even i can comprehend....for sure!

you see? THIS is why i have a perpetual headache.

1 comment:

Knitsational said...

Yeah, I've been meaning to do this, too, but it's like oooo look at me, now buy my stuff. Ahem. Still, they don't know if you don't show them.