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Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Shop

I had decided that my shop was starting to look too cluttered and eclectic, so I was considering the logistics of getting a second shop.

I figured I should go for it, because the look of my shop was really bothering me. The mix of art with crafts (for me) wasn't working.

Tuesday I worked on the new shop (It was a day-long process).

First I worked on the banner and avatar, to match the existing one.

I also re-worked the banner for the first shop a bit more.

THEN was the daunting task of uploading photos and descriptions, etc. to the new shop (thank goodness with most of them, I just had to copy and paste.

Anyway, many, many hours later and a (yes, you guessed it) headache...I have my second shop.

So now I have distributed the items and I'm feeling satisfied with it:

Anamano - my original artwork and prints (more "fine art", if you will).
AnamanoCrafts - my handmade items (that fall under the "crafts" category) such as magnets, pillows, dolls, toys, cards, etc.

Stop by and take a look! Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated.


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