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Friday, March 7, 2008

i'm, exhausted.

and my hands, in particular my right hand is hurting/numb/tingling/aching/stiff.....
and i can't do a darned thing about it. i massage it, put heat on it, shake, nothing works. and of course my mind has come up with at least a thousand possibilities of what it could be. and it ain't purty, folks.

anyway, i'm still excited about my shop in etsy, but reality is setting in that my dreams have to become a bit more practical.
there is SO much to know, that its completely overwhelming. and since i always feel that i need to know EVERYTHING, it became an almost impossible goal to attain from the start.

i'm STILL adding things to the shop (which is a daunting task...goodness!) and trying to continue making more items.

yesterday i worked on a "doll" for lack of a better description that i'm in love with....she's a "studio muse" (hee) and i'm adding her to the shop after i post this. she was hard to do because of the aforementioned hand, so i'll have to come up with another way of making the next one(s)

please take a look at my shop ( . any comments, suggestions, encouragement (etc.) would be highly appreciated.

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