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Monday, March 10, 2008

ok....feelin' blah today, so i'm not punctuating and i'm making a list of gripes.


1- STILL have the horrible headache (its been um...4 days? can't keep track anymore)
2- find myself squinting at the computer screen (yes, i have "reading" glasses, but i forget to use them)
3- forgetting important things like wearing my glasses or sleeping a decent amount of time
4- can't get enough sleep 'cause my brain is on overload
5- repeating myself over and over because i forget what i've just said a second ago
6- totally hating myself for feeling nostalgic for 'bama, just 'cause there's been a bit of a cool breeze here in miami the last few days
7- did i mention the headache?
8- oh and lets not forget my dwindling use of my right hand (what the hell?)


on the flip side, i just mailed out the 2 magnets i sold (yay). so hopefully they arrive safe and sound.

have a good one.

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