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Sunday, March 16, 2008


was pretty bad, as i mentioned in the previous post.

its the first time i've been that "down" since i started the "etsy" thing. i guess its so easy to get lost in the creative process, where you're in a constant state of bliss.

then reality interrupts and chaos ensues.

after a few hours of that horrendous and terribly familiar sinking feeling...i decided to shut off the internet (especially when i'm in that "state" i tend to look at other's work that i like and bring myself down even further by comparing and contrasting my work - yes, i'm really good at that sabotage crap)

so i started working on the latest "idea" piece....which i think shows clearly the kind of mood i was in (or maybe its just obvious to me?)

here it is (i'll be uploading it to etsy soon, so you're getting a sneak peak - hope it doesn't give you nightmares ;)

© i have an idea, 5 ('08)


Mary Richmond said...

yep, i think that's showing your mood a bit ;-) I think it's great to have our art to express these things, though, don't you? I've done drawings and paintings--especially of women's faces--that come out so angry and sad and upset sometimes they almost make me laugh because they exaggerate my mood so much! Very cathartic and people seem to relate--of course! We're all in and out of the same boat here....I think it's good to keep on working and don't look at other people's work too much. ;-)

Plaidfuzz said...

Its kind of haunting! Love the colors, tho. :)