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Saturday, April 26, 2008

"told you to go" [new poem]

like a ton of bricks
it hit me.
the horrific feeling
that comes with realization...

i made a big mistake.
the kind that never heals.
an opportunity lost
to seal your wound...

slipped right between my fingers.

for pride and selfishness
or was it anger and resentment?
those feelings i held onto
thinking they would save me from the pain...

just plunged it deeper within
and made it everlasting.
how many chances did i have to get it right?
but I couldn’t see, just ignored…

i don't know how to remedy this.

when did i become
the person who derides?
how can i heal, now that I know
there’s no going back…

all you did was come up to my door
"just to say hi".
i laughed in your face
and told you to go...

a moment i'll regret til the end.

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