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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can't sleep...exhibit & pendant

Last thing before I attempt sleep.

I was notified that the piece I submitted for the 29th Annual Mini-Works On Paper Exhibition, was accepted!

How cool is that?

Mini-Works is designed to exhibit works of art of any definition that are “on paper” and of an intimate scale. Each work is required to be no smaller than the area of one-half the size of a
dollar bill: 3⅛”x 2¾”.

I submitted a piece titled "sabotage" - derived from this original drawing, but printed to fit the required size.

I printed it on watercolor paper, then embellished with pen (lines drawn on the print). Can you believe I didn't photograph the piece before I submitted it? I know! UGH!!

Anywy, if you happen to be near Jacksonville, Alabama - the juried exhibition is at Jacksonville State University (awww, 'bama) in their Hammond Hall Gallery. It runs from May 6 - 30, 2008. The reception is Tuesday, May 6th, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

There are several cash awards to be given (I'll keep you posted if I get anything).

I TRULY wish I could be at the reception...but of course, I can't. If I can get access to any photos of the event or promo's about it, I'll put it here.

Gosh, I hope this is the first of many exhibits...oh and I sold the larger pendant yesterday....too cool!

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Numbr1fanAnaArt said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I Better start collecting before your fame overtakes the universe!