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Friday, May 9, 2008

Interview(s) of an artist

I wanted to let you know that there are 3 different blogs/sites that have me as a featured artist. They graciously requested to interview me and of course I said yes. I am extremely flattered that they would be interested in knowing more about lil ole me.

Here they are (you might read the same info over and over, but I wanted to share all three). Make sure to visit their blogs, shops, sites...please.

- Elizabeth of UK based website, 1st Angel, where she features other artists and writers. Its a website that has LOTS of great information, make sure to visit. Here is my interview.

- Rachael of FrenchConnect (a lovely shop, which has ragdolls, prints, stuffed dolls, bags, greeting cards, jewelry and much more) has me as a featured etsy seller on her equally lovely blog. Read it here.

- Janyce of Sojourn Quilts (great shop where you will find interesting and eclectic wall-hangings, soft sculptured lobsters, appliqu├ęd wallets, fabric collages and more) interviewed me last week for her wonderful blog titled: "What Shoes I Wear: a place to explore and celebrate how different people find their own special ways of moving through and rising above life's more trying moments." You can read the interview here.

Til next time...

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