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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eclectica's Katrina Cristobal - Miami Artist, ReVamper and my latest featured Etsyan!

Its a small world after all...
I recently had the opportunity to re-connect with a former "college"mate, who also happens to be an artist living in Miami and sells on etsy!

I really like the unique vision that she infuses in her work and I wanted to tell you all about her, so you can also show her some love!
Eclectica is the perfect name, as she certainly DOES have a little something for everyone.

Her name is Katrina Cristobal and she owns a wonderful home decor (and more) store called Eclectica,which is located in Kendall (a suburb of Miami, FL).
She also has two shops on etsy:
EclecticaMiami (vintage home decor, supplies, etc.)
HomeECOnomics (repurposed ECOfriendly Home Decor).

I'm not usually "in the loop", but as far as I'm concerned, she is one of the few people in Miami, that is working towards and supporting a more environmentally-friendly existence.
By refurbishing vintage items, she is giving them a new purpose. There is a reason that "living green" is becoming not just popular, but a necessity nowadays. We have been using up all our planet's resources at an alarming rate and the way to remedy the destruction we have caused, is for us to re-think our way of living, eating and yes even decorating.

I think Katrina's way of embedding new life to older items that might otherwise have ended up in a landfill, brings not only a breath of fresh air (maybe pun intended) but also a great sense of humor, brilliant color and newly-found elegance to modern home decor.

She has a great sensibility for unique color and texture combinations and aside from the items that she restores or reconstructs, she also has a great eye for finding wonderfully unique vintage items.
I know I can never find cool stuff like these when I go to thrift stores!:

Aside from all the wonderful things she's doing, she is also really friendly and very helpful with any questions you might have about her store, items, etc. so don't hesitate to contact her.

Here are all of her links...please make sure to either visit her store or etsy shops (and buy something! You can't beat her prices, folks!)

Her Miami Store:
- Eclectica is located at 12286 SW 131 Ave, Miami, FL 33186
Eclectica is "technically" closed for the summer (she is making some great changes to her store). However, she is OPEN for appointments (If you live in the Miami-Dade or Broward area, do not hesitate to drive to her store. It's an easy drive and well worth it!)
Her shops on etsy:
- EclecticaMiami
- HomeECOnomics

You will also find her at StitchRock (in Delray Beach, October 4, 2008) as one of the exciting and COOL vendors (I'll be there too!).


Art By MAR said...

Very cool store! Would love some of that furniture. Wish I lived near Miami.

Back In Action said...

Love it - will definitely check out the shop