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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Necklaces

These are the recent necklaces I completed.
They really are quite fun to make.

I'm also (thank GOD) working on the latest "fat girl" digital drawing, so hopefully I can list it tonight.



Back In Action said...

The necklaces are beautiful and I have to say i was looking at your shop and have a new nesting doll favorite - I LOVE the nesting doll "fat girl" Too awesome. I just love it.

Joy said...

Your necklaces are so nice with such a clean look to them that I like.

Colleen said I should contact you about lightening up some of my photos? Are you thinking of the auto fix on Photobucket? I just realized I should've done that.

Ana said...

Hi Colleen and Joy!

Colleen - thanks as always for your encouraging comments on my work - it makes me feel good!

Joy - Thank you also for the compliment on the necklaces. Well, I have never tried photobucket's editing features, but you certainly should try. Auto fix (in any program) is sometimes a bit harsh, depending on what the photo is). But I think you should definitely try and play with the editing on there. If you can't get a good result, I can try to help you with them.

Let me know how it works out for you.

Hugs to you both!