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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A rainbow and a UFO (or is it a flying saucer?)


Its been raining here SO much lately and the other day after a big storm,
I was looking out my window and noticed a rainbow!
Its been a LONG time since I've seen one, so I ran to get my camera before it disappeared.


So on the day that I went to see "The Happening"...on Friday the 13th
(um, yeah)
I took a couple of pictures of the palm trees outside of the theatre,
because they look so pretty and symmetrical.
I've been thinking lately that I want to take photographs of random
things related to Miami (maybe if I can see something beautiful within it,
I won't mind living here so much.

(for now)

So yesterday I was editing the photos (just cropping and re-sizing so
that they weren't so large to post here) and I noticed something in one
of the photos, which left me a bit puzzled, so I wanted to share it
with y'all, of course!

This is the first photo...just palm trees:

This is the second photo...just palm trees?

Um, no...lets look closer.

You see that, between the building and the palm tree?
What the heck is it?
I'll zoom in some more...

You see? I haven't altered or retouched this at all.
At first I thought it was like a helicopter, but, the more I zoomed in
the shape seemed more flying saucer-like.

Here's the last zoomed view:

What does it look like to YOU???


Back In Action said...

Very weird. I don't know what it looks like to me, it definitely looks strange. I wouldn't doubt it's a ufo...I've seen alien shapes in stars and watched them shift - very weird. And there are links between us that would sound VERY goofy here, but they are there...This is a strange strange planet we live on. I love the pics - awesome solution to living in miami. Sounds like something I would come up with.

Ana said...

I've had strange experiences throughout my life, more paranormal than extraterrestrial, lol...but nevertheless, I believe in all of it.

It was just cool to see something I hadn't expected in the photo.

Back In Action said...

i knew this guy in chicago - bobby - who I swear to god had an implant - at least that's what he said it was - sure enough there was Something there...why has the paranormal stuff not made you think you were crazy? i mean now-a-days its all normal, but 10 years ago, definitely not

Ana said...

Well, I grew up knowing about that stuff from my mom, who's family has consistently had paranormal "connections/experiences".
My great grandmother was a medium, two of her daughters (my grandmother and one of her sisters were mediums), my mom has freaky kind of intuition and can see aura's and stuff (which I taught her by the way - she can do it and I can't, lol) and me...well, I use to believe that my intuition was very connected with everything (but I've been doubting that lately). As a child, I saw an apparition and from then, I've seen several ghosts, can hear electricity through cables (yep), etc.
Who says I'm NOT crazy?

Back In Action said...

it sounds like everything i have had, except (huge difference)that my parents and everyone are totally fundamental christians...when i started seeing aura's was when i got diagnosed, so every experience i've had has been medicalized...i can't believe you never told me any of that shit