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Monday, June 9, 2008

some good, some bad and even some ugly

~The Good~

I'll start with something positive, since I've been "Debbie Downer" lately.

I have been meaning to post photos of the pillows I made last week for
Colleen of ColleensCreative (she has become a big supporter and friend, albeit from long distance).

Pink - Hearts and Butterfly

Blue - Flowers and bee

2) I also made a little adjustable ring for another package I mailed out (I'll be making more of these for the shop). I like to include a little something extra in my packages - I'll probably have to think of things that aren't so time or money consuming, but for now, its ok.
I only have photos of the "top" view.
I wish I had thought of taking a "side" view....doh!

I really like how this turned out...its somewhat simple, but it looks cute
(if I do say so myself).

3) On Saturday, I went to a meeting of the Miami Artisans Guild (MAG blog here). Its nice to see that there are creative people in Miami willing to get together and do something positive here. There's nothing going on in Miami, as far as creative shows, etc. so in the meeting there were some good ideas thrown around...some have a solid backing, so I need to get my butt in gear and start making more "stuff" because I hope to participate in several of these events.

~ The Bad ~

Today I got my paperwork that I requested from my former employer in Alabama. Yes...just 4 days after I asked for it. Want to know something else? There was a personalized note attached to it. Uh huh.
Then, I was prompted to call FIU to see if they had received my paperwork, because of COURSE, I did not expect them to have anything done...God forbid.
So after speaking with someone from a customer service (that isn't even on campus - yeah, they need customer service that isn't in the school, so they can treat people with even a semblance of decency).
Anyway,the first lady couldn't help me, so I had to call the actual office where they receive faxes. To say that the chick that I dealt with was rude, is putting it mildly. It isn't even rudeness, its total apathy...which as a former employee of FIU, I completely understand, mind you. That place makes you want to hurl yourself in front of a speeding bus. But still...
OK, so my paperwork from here (my former employer that is a mile away) will take 3-4 weeks to get to me. Why?
I swear that I was shaking from the anger I felt.
I hate this effing place. Hate it! Hate it! hate it!!
One more?
Hate it!!!

~ The Ugly ~

UM...ok, so I forgot what the ugly part lets say the FIU experience was both bad and fugly!!

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