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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a tug at the heart strings...

I need some paperwork from my former employers and as a result of trying to get that accomplished, I had two distinctly different telephone experiences which I had to share with y'all.

Miami phone call -
Surprisingly somewhat pleasant (unusually so for Miami) but very cold and business-like. I have to send a couple of forms, fax them, send a copy of my id - the usual bureaucratic bullshit...uh, I mean "crap". Oh and of course, she gave me the wrong link to where I can find the form online (had to look it up myself) - uh huh.


Tuscaloosa phone call -
Pleasant doesn't cover it folks. When the person in payroll remembered me. I don't remember HER, but she remembered me. As soon as I gave her my name, she said "oh, you're in Miami, aren't you?".
I about flipped my lid! I don't know why I was surprised, after all, that's just the way it is in the good ole south. Friendly folks who actually remember who the hell you are and actually care! Yes, I said CARE!
Need I remind you that its been 2 years since I left that job? 2 frickin' years!!

I told her my situation and she said that she'd print them out and mail them to me.
Um, no forms to fill out???
No copy of my id???
An actual person is going to print it out for me and mail it herself with her own two hands??? She said, just look for a brown envelope and that'll be from us.
"So, how's the weather in Miami?", she asked. (You mean, you actually want to have a conversation with me???)

"It's hotter than...heck", I said.
(YES I, who can sometimes curse-like-a-drunken-sailor Ana, said "heck"! My brain scanned quickly and I remembered I was talkin' to a good southern girl and didn't want to traumatize her by saying hell - I am NOT lying to you, I said HECK).

The conversation lasted for a few minutes - not seconds....minutes (that's unheard of here) - ok, I might be jaded, but I don't think so. Miami doesn't make it to the number one spot on the nation's "most aggressive something-or-other" list for nothing, folks.

I laughed and giggled with the Tuscaloosa lady...something I haven't done in a while.
And when we hung up, I cried...something I have done a lot of lately.

You don't know how much you love some thing or one until its gone - ain't that the truth.

I know you're bored with my whining - I am too.
AND I also know that I've said this before, but

I sure do miss the person I was, when I was in Alabama...

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