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Thursday, July 17, 2008

goodness, its been a while!

I believe this is the longest I've gone without writing anything in the blog.

It's not that there isn't much to say...because honestly, there always is. But within the last couple of weeks, I've been "processing" things internally, rather than sharing it with everyone (sometimes you just have to do it like that, right?).

I also have a friend who has helped me put certain things in perspective and also suggested a great book, which I've been reading. I'm trying to work on myself a bit (about time!) and trying to figure out which things need prioritizing in my life.

I wonder why its so difficult to put oneself first? Well, for people like me, anyway. I know PLENTY of people who are "me, me, me" 24/7...which is why I've lost touch with quite a few of them and it doesn't hurt as much as I would have imagined.

People come and go from our lives all the time. Some play significant roles that affect and alter who we are...when those people are gone from our lives we feel a definite void in some way or another, until our last breath. But there are other's who have also played significant roles, yet once they are gone, we can feel a certain peace within, despite their me this signifies that they served a purpose in our life and were no longer needed. That's my take on it anyway.

So you see the kind of stuff I've been dealing with. Trying to take better care of myself physically, psychologically and spiritually...but I know this is a long journey, so I don't even have any expectations or particular goals in mind. I'm just taking one day at a time, waiting to see what life throws my way next.

Of course there are some issues that have not been resolved. It would be nice to get a certain closure with those...and for that I HAVE given myself a time frame. Hopefully having a goal with these important issues will help me focus and finally find peace within about them. We'll see.

In the meantime, I have also painted a few "cutesy" things - I'm focused on the show in October, which I am now unsure as to whether or not I should have signed up for it. But because of how I am, I cannot back out now. But this is one of the issues I'm hoping to resolve - the one about why I'm dedicating so much time on my "crafts" as opposed to my art, which is where my real passion lies.

But for now (at least until October) I have made the commitment to continue with the etsy thing until I can figure out what are my best options. I really want to exhibit my work and perhaps have it sell in a reputable venue, but I have to find the best way to do that, without feeling like I'm selling my, quite a conundrum.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the cutesy things I worked on a couple of weeks ago (they were all green...figured it would be easier to just work on one color at a time, since I had all the paints out already)





Green Ornament

Then I got into oranges...this is the first, have to take pictures of the others.

This past week or so, I've been working on freebies for Stitchrock. They are giving away goodie bags to the first 100 people, so I'm making something for that, rather than just give my business card. Hopefully it brings some people to my booth.

OK, that's all I have for now.


Back In Action said...

Everything looks great : ) I love your crafty items and your dark side both. It's all awesome. It sounds like all is going well with you.

Much love!

Anat Aderet said...

I love it - so nice!
I wish you all the best,