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Monday, November 3, 2008

birds of a feather, flock together...

Today, while on the phone with a friend, I noticed a black bird outside (don't really think they're crows, but maybe) with a lollipop in it's beak! I guess it was his post-halloween treat!

Here are some photos, which aren't the best, because I was holding a phone, while trying to take photos...but they give you the idea of what was happening.

He was first on the cable with the lollipop in it's beak, trying to tear through the plastic. But then he dropped it and he continued on the ground...

At one point there were a few others that wanted to join in on the fun...

But he was having none of that!

Eventually he was able to break off a piece and started eating it!
That just canNOT be good for them, right?? Anyway when the others
got a bit more aggressive, he flew away with the stick, with some candy still on it.

And here's a couple photos of other birds that have visited my balcony this past week...

Isn't he beautiful??

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