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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Metallica is back, baby.

hey, I just realized that I never told you how much I absolutely LOVE Metallica's new album, "Death Magnetic".

Although I don't like the title at all - it just doesn't flow easily from my lips, you know? But gosh darn it I LOVE the songs!

I wasn't terribly excited about St. Anger, even though I bought it and listened to it (trying to convince myself that I could grow to love it and never quite did).

But with this album (yes, I know album...I'm old ok?) my boys are BACK!

I seriously can't wait until they're touring close enough for me to go see them again.

Love, love, love the new album and highly recommend it.
Love, love love Metallica....they make my heart happy.


colleena coyote said...

hey honey. i just wanted to say that you are a bright shining star - - - the only reason you are ever in darkness is so others may see your light shine brightly. Like a candle, you shine. I love you Ana. You make me know I am not alone.

Ana said...

Thank you sweetie...I appreciate it!!