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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quarter Pounder with Cheese

I wish that when I was having emotional "issues", I could be comforted by Broccoli or Salad.
Noooooo, my body and mind go straight for a hamburger or chocolate.

Why is that???

I was going through yet another box-o-stuff and found the Flairs (pins) that a few of my favorite servers at Outback in Tuscaloosa had given me...along with my University ID Card from when I taught one semester as an adjunct.
I looked skinny! I didn't feel skinny, but... I remember that day. I was fidgeting with my shirt, because I thought it was a little snug. It wasn't, but my mind told me it was. I remember worrying about how I looked, especially because right before the photo, I ran into Andy, one of the cute Outback servers and he had complimented me - said I looked nice...and that was it. Instead of accepting the compliment and letting it sink in and making me feel more confident and good about had the total opposite effect and I was so distracted that I didn't smile. You should see this picture...looks like I've just been given a death sentence.

I'm a total mess! I mean, I was the closest thing to happy when I was up there. Can you imagine? No, of course you can't, because I should have a team of psychiatrists examining me!

Anyway...thus the quarter pounder with cheese!
Geez Louise!

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