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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new painting, for the exhibition in April

I'm working on a series of small paintings about my reproductive system, for the exhibition in April. Call this an internal self portrait, if you will, lol.

I had done the first one on wood a few months ago (which I don't think I'll be using in the exhibit, since it will probably be the only one on wood - not sure yet).

© "bridge to nowhere"
(ink, acrylic paint on wood, 2008)

The second - a small diptych on canvas... (click to see larger image):

© "Procreant Vesicle,2"
(watercolor, liquid acrylic on canvas, diptych, 2008)

Just finished this one yesterday:

© "ineffectual womb"
(liquid acrylics and watercolors on canvas, 2009)

I'm liking these a lot! Yay for my useless reproductive system (lol)!


KJ said...

Love the art work, and the blog looks fantastic, hope to read more of your posts.

Dana said...

Wow! Love these pieces! I really love Bridge to Nowhere. This is very emotional and interesting, it is fantastic that you showed the series at a gallery. I know you sell stuff currently on etsy, but have you thought of maybe taking your paintings international? is a great way to reach a diverse group of art enthusiasts and artists. You can sell your art and talk with other artists about your progress with your current work. Check us out.