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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Georgia O'Keeffe...

The movie last night on lifetime, stirred something within me.
I was sobbing throughout most of it, pretty uncontrollably at times.

I recognized myself within her. Especially lately, I have been feeling an intense longing to be free and to be that I can work. I've had somewhat of a creative block due to a bad depressive episode that does not seem to want to let go of me this time around.

I've been feeling sorry for myself, of course...I cannot deny it.

But the unseen forces that keep me in the dark, cannot let me catch even a glimpse of hope, that I might be able to actively pursue the path that will start my journey to a new life. What's that saying? Can't see the forest for the trees?? (or something like that). I know there's light out there, but I cannot imagine that even a little piece of it belongs to me.

When (in the movie) Georgia mentions that she had an 18 month period where she couldn't create, I jumped in my chair. I suppose as a former art student, I should have known this already? But it comforted me...because I instantly felt that I wasn't alone. I'm NO O'Keefe, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am an artist in my own way. The fact that she was able to restart her life, despite not really wanting to in the depths of her being, showed a courage that many will never know.

I understood completely.

I can admit to never having been drawn to O'Keefe's work, because obviously I never paid attention to her story. At that time they were just giant flowers and landscapes to me (oh what youth and lack of life experience will cause you to miss in life!)

I see now the significance of her imagery...the symbolism...her desires...her frustrations...her sadness...her desire to once and for all be alone, so she can create and leave behind her unique perspective of the world.

I understand perfectly.


Quilt Works said...

I loved your post about Georgia! I just came back from New Mexico, and made three posts about my trip, her art, and my art in her honor. I hope you will stop by. It is nice to "meet" another person who is so effected by her beautiful art and interesting life.

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